The Benefits of Landing a Sales Job

When garnering a profession in sales, one benefits from having considerable flexibility. There’s no direct path in excelling. Simply put, the experience one can accrue in the field can allow for big time success in a number of different fields that may crossover. The building blocks of entry level sales can ultimately result in considerable financial wealth down the line.

This piece will speak about sales in a generic sense. From there, we’ll look at a potential long term trajectory — as well as the possibilities one can explore should they decided to enter this exhilarating line of work.

Skills Learned From Sales

The field of sales is quite diverse. There are different types of sales — though all ultimately can help a person with their communication skills. One is able to read other people, and thus are able to cajole the customer into doing what they want. This isn’t malicious in nature, but rather an act led by charisma, confidence, charm, and cleverness. Along with this premise, dabbling in a number of different fields/concentrations will make the sales person a more well-rounded individual. They are able to learn about different subjects — which certainly will help them going forward (whether connecting with a potential customer or just possessing general knowledge).

Variety Within The Field

Here’s where things get interesting. As mentioned previously with the diversity present, there are a plethora of careers one could enter as a sales person. A low-level entry position into the world of sales includes working in a consumer-driven position. Working a mall, selling clothes or other sorts of items, tests one’s ability to turn that consumer from window shopper to buyer. At an enhanced level, one can work at a car dealership. As is the case with most sales jobs, the sales person will earn a commission/bonus on each sale they make. Lastly, one could enter a corporate sales gig when you’re not only cold calling potential clients, but also meeting with powerful people over lunches/dinners/drinks in order to close to the proverbial deal and set one’s company up for a potentially long partnership.

What Could This Lead To?

Sales as a whole has considerable upside from a financial standpoint. Most, if not all companies involved in sales have incentive-laden programs where one will be rewarded for brokering each deal. Being able to make a base salary — along with bonuses each and every month — is something quite attractive. In addition, there’s considerable room for growth. A mass number of CEOs first started out in sales before eventually climbing the corporate ladder. Learning how to make those smaller sales opens the door to making bigger ones. This would then naturally lead to an enhancement in both job title and salary.

Image Source: Win Web