The Emerging Industry of Driving Jobs

With recent events really hindering the ability for people to get a job, many have been looking for fields in which they can gain steady employment. One consistent profession with some real perks includes being a professional driver. There are a lot of variations when it comes to this job. However, many of the same benefits exist across the board. Those who work as professional drivers normally get to work their own hours. They aren’t stuck in an office setting — nor do they have to work with the same people on a daily basis. This piece will speak about some of the options as it pertains to professional driving. After reading this piece, you may consider a career in driving — or even a complementary form of income which can be done on the weekend. Uber/Lyft The car services of Uber and Lyft have exploded in recent years. Depending on the location, they’ve effectively replaced cabs as the main mode of transportation for those who’d like to get places without the inconvenience of driving themselves (particularly when alcohol is involved). It’s rather easy to get a gig as an Uber/Lyft driver. Of course, the company checks for a proper driver’s license. From there, a background check is executed on the individual interested in driving. If you opt to use your own vehicle, evidence of insurance and registration must be shown. From there, some regions even require the car to go through an inspection to ensure it is up to snuff. Once these easy parameters are met, the driver can go out and literally create their own schedule. The car will be hooked up to an app — which then is connected to those who are requesting rides. The driver can log on and log off whenever they want. Some could choose to be full-time drivers — while others opt to work on weekends and at the conclusion of their other job. This sort of flexibility — coupled with the fact one can wear whatever they want — makes being an Uber/Lyft driver quite attractive. Limo There’s also a market for limo drivers. Of course, one will have to dress accordingly with a formal outfit. However, the possibility for garnering huge tips is much higher compared to Uber/Lyft. Normally, those riding in limos are often celebrities, athletes, and other people with considerable financial wealth. On a base salary standpoint, the average salary for limo drivers across the United States is approximately $20 an hour. One could do a lot worse than being a limo driver. Limo driver jobs can be found online — such as on Indeed and Ziprecruiter. Airport Shuttles Similar to limo drivers, airport shuttle driving jobs can be procured online. Most airports will have opportunities for various companies to pair with them when taking patrons to and from the airport. From a salary standpoint, estimated numbers state that a driver could make up to $50,000 annually as a full time shuttle driver. The opportunity is there — whether as a driver shuttling people from the airport to close by hotels, or those drivers who pick up individuals en route to the airport. Taxi While somewhat outdated, taxi services still do exist. Many drivers opt to work for both taxis and also Uber/Lyft. On the high end, some estimates believe taxi drivers could make up to $85,000 a year. However, this isn’t always the case. The average salary is reported to be roughly $26,000. As such, one should do the research in selecting a cab company to work for, as well as potentially understanding that the full time salary might not be as lucrative as other options. Image Source: Colony Limo