Free Online Psychology and Mental Health Courses

There are a number of reasons for why someone would want to take free online courses — particularly in the realm of mental health and psychology. Both fields have seen a rather significant emergence from where they once were traditionally speaking. In the past, these taboo topics wouldn’t be spoken about as easily as others. However, society as a whole is finding mental health (in particular) to be something more and more people are comfortable with.

This piece will speak about free online courses one can take in both psychology and mental health. As one will learn, there could be some rather significant benefits in doing so.

Why Take These Classes?

There are a number of reasons for why these classes could be beneficial. When it comes to general knowledge of psychology and mental health, being able to take college-level classes free of charge is always a great thing. This is especially the case for someone who has a real interest in either field — or plans on entering either field from a job standpoint.

Additionally, these classes are on a different timeline than most. There’s normally not the anxious rush in needing to complete coursework on a strict deadline. With the flexibility from a time standpoint, someone with a full-time job — whether working 9-to-5, on weekends, or anything in-between — can take the courses at their own pace. This is quite the development for those who have busy/atypical work schedules.

Can They Help With a Potential Job?

Of course! For those in need of a job, piecing together any pertinent experience to the job in question is vital. If there are psychology-based jobs where you might be a bit short on experience, signing up for a few of these classes is a great way to beef up your resume.

The same exists in regards to school. This can be applied to both an undergraduate degree application, as well as a grad school/higher education application. It shows the schools in question that you’re serious about learning. It also offers the point that the student has a real thirst for not only absorbing material, but also getting ahead by taking these classes before formal instruction. Taking free classes in the field you’re pursuing can only be a benefit.

Where to Find These Free Classes?

Whether it be clinical psychology, human behavior, or any real spin-off from the major ‘psychology’ branch, there are courses available. Coursera is one of those primary sites where college classes from major universities are offered. At the conclusion of the said course, the pupil receives a certificate which can be used on resumes and online job profiles (such as LinkedIn). is another fantastic website offering free courses. There’s a plethora of classes to choose from. Even more exciting, many of the classes can be as detailed and obscure as possible (ranging from Childhood Trauma courses to Buddhism and Schizophrenia).

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