How to Get a GED Online

There are instances in which some people fail to graduate from high school. Without a high school degree, the job market for these individuals can be severely impacted in a negative way. Regardless of one’s past, there are ways in which to obtain the equivalence of a high school degree online. Not only will this likely improve one’s shot at landing a job, but it can be done safely and efficiently from the friendly confines of one’s home.

Finding Programs

The first step towards earning a GED online is finding out which institutions offer these programs. There are ways in which the student can enroll both online or over the phone. In order to obtain the equivalency degree, students must pass an exam — which includes sections on Math, Reading/Writing, Science, and Social Studies. While some states predominantly offer in-person testing, others are exclusively done online. Research must be done in order to understand how one’s testing process operates.

The Actual Process

There are a number of study tools available online. This includes books, online classes, mobile apps with practice questions, and other implements. Once one feels ready to take the GED, there are a few things to keep in mind. The cost of each subject test varies from state to state. For example, the state of California requires a fee of $35 for each of the four subject tests. The package also includes same day scoring, a transcript/diploma, a score report, and two free retakes per subject. States like Florida ($32), Georgia ($40), Texas ($36.25), and Illinois ($30) all have different price points.

How The Test Works

The online testing process is very specific. For those taking the GED exam at home, one needs to have both a computer and a webcam. Though done remotely, these test takers are monitored by a real-life proctor. The test must be done in an enclosed room without any noise. An additional requirement in taking this exam involves earning a ‘Green’ score on the GED practice test within two months of taking the final exam.

Should one be successful in earning their GED, it’ll open up a whole new set of doors not previously made available. One could then apply to attend a University if they choose to further their formal education. Additionally, landing a GED enables these individuals to get their foot inside the proverbial door as it pertains to base-level job opportunities (which require a high school diploma/the equivalent of one).

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