Top Cyber Security Courses Online

With the internet impact virtually all parts of society in today’s day and age, cyber security has become a very popular field to enter. At its core, the field defends against online attacks (which can come from both foreign countries and hackers from all over the world). Computers themselves are protected — as are mobile phones, servers, networks, and other types of software. For those who want to enter the field, a number of options exist. One of those comes in the form of online classwork. Whether through a college or another sort of academic institution, there are a plethora of directions one can take should they want to jump into this field.



Coursera is a website which congregates various college-level classes for anyone to take. Often times, well-known universities are associated with these classes. Professors will record lectures, and the students will learn week to week. Normally, the conclusion of the course will result in some form of certification. Offered through the University of Maryland, Coursera is showcasing a Cybersecurity Specialization course. Interested parties can start the course whenever they want. It shows the concepts of cyber security — as well as exercises which allow the student to learn the techniques associated with the field. The course is said to take eight months to complete. If one wants to earn a certification, financial aid is available through Coursera.

Bootcamp Options

Among other outlets, the likes of UC Berkeley, UC Irvine, and UC San Diego Extension offer cybersecurity boot camp courses. These can be completed from the comfort of your own home. When it comes to the program through Irvine, one can take a crash course in cybersecurity over the course of 24 weeks. Students will get in-depth training as it pertains to networking, system health, defensive strategies, and technological advancements. Additionally, the online program is flexible from a time standpoint. Students can pick and choose when they are to complete classwork (whether everyday or exclusively on the weekend in a part-time capacity).


For those interested in taking online courses in cybersecurity, there are a number of ways in order to obtain information. Speaking to former classmates, friends, and family might lead the interested party onto a path for success. Duly, research via search engines should allow the student to uncover potential courses. There are a number of companies and corporations (outside of universities) which specialize in online cybersecurity courses. Some of those outlets include Heimdal Cyber Security for Beginners, StationX VIP Membership, Cybrary Introduction to IT and Cybersecurity, and SANS Cyber Aces Online. One must remember that access to these courses can be flexible timewise — as well as affordable from a cost standpoint.

Image Source: Jagwire