The Best Collaboration Software

Have you heard of the burgeoning communication tool that is collaboration software? Essentially, software engineers and developers have worked tirelessly to create a platform of mass communication which is both cleaner and more efficient compared to one’s group text. In addition, these software services are more complex in terms of providing large groups of people with pertinent information that will better help them do their jobs. We’ll speak to the benefits of these programs — which can be used in office settings, schools, teams, and even families. This piece will speak about some of the more popular collaboration software systems. Once learning more about collaboration software, one might completely re-think how communication is approached when dealing with large groups of people. Slack Over the last few years, Slack has become a very integral form of communication for offices all over the country. Essentially, this software connects groups of people in something that resembles a chat room. Both on desktop and mobile, the user can communicate to the entire group as a whole — or also direct message for one-on-one correspondence. Aside from actual text, users can send each other hyperlinks, screenshots, downloadable items, pictures, and files. This valuable tool has become a staple for not only offices, but also for teams who are needing quick and easy updates. Slack itself is free, and can be easily downloaded with an email address. Trello Trello is another ‘smart’ software utilizing mass communication with the goal of making everyday life easier. It prides itself as being an industry leader when it comes to tracking ongoing projects. Using ‘cards’ on its platform, Trello helps the user check off items completed before an event, during an event, and after an event. It also plans a calendar for future events. Editorial events can be broken down by category, and the individuals working on the specific task. In other words, it helps businesses and teams track how efficiently their employers are finishing work assignments. One can drag and drop items, keep personal records of things, and even set up groups where employers can add items (such as television or movie suggestions, recipes, travel spots, etc). The ability to move different items into their created categories makes the interface exceptionally clean and aesthetically pleasing. There is a free trial of Trello — though user rates per month have been approximated at $12.50. Microsoft Teams As is in its name, Microsoft created this software with the goal of connecting teams together. Aside from the collaboration elements of this software, this platform enables large groups of people to both video chat and voice call. It’s free to sign up for Microsoft Teams, and it’s been proven as a quality tool when it comes to sharing information — whether files or anything else. The ability to personally customize these communication groups makes it fun and enjoyable as well. Other Options There are a plethora of collaboration software systems which include document management, calendar management, real time editing, task management, video conferencing, project management, and contact management (among other traits). Some of the more popular software platforms include ClickUp, Asana, Beekeeper, Jive, and Image Source: PC Mag UK