Everything To Need to Know About the Vaginal Ring

There a number of contraceptive options made available to the public. For anyone interested in delving into the world of preventative pregnancy, the prudent thing to do would include researching each option thoroughly. Some may work for one’s individual needs, while others might not be such a great fit. One specific option widely used by people across the country is the vaginal birth control ring. Also known as the NuvaRing, this tiny ring is embedded within the vagina as a tool to prevent pregnancy.

Statistics have this specific option having up to a 99 percent effective rate. However, this is dependent upon both dedication and punctuality. If one replaces the ring each month on the same exact day, the risk of becoming pregnant decreases considerably. If the ring isn’t replaced when it needs to be, the chance of becoming pregnant increases.

Essentially, the ring releases hormones which prevent the sperm from fertilizing in the egg. The process of ovulation will stop as a result of the ring’s potency. The ring is totally safe for users to use. However, there are some instances when the individual may want to consider other preventative options. For those smokers over the age of 35, the ring shouldn’t be used. Duly, ones with blood clots, high blood pressure, diabetes, and migraine headaches may want to look elsewhere.

The ring is nice from the standpoint there’s no daily responsibility associated with it. For those who don’t like having to remember to take a pill everyday, the ring is a nice alternative. Additionally, it’s said to reduce/prevent the likes of bone thinning, iron deficiency, ovarian cancer, cysts, and also acne.

Based upon one’s insurance, the ring can cost a minimal amount of money. For some, it may cost $0 based upon financial standing. The doctor visit may be somewhat expensive, though the actual prescription itself shouldn’t be overly pricey.

Without question, the ring is a very respected and widely-used pregnancy preventative measure. One should fully read up on this specific tool when deciding to make the choice as to which contraceptive best fits their individual and personal needs.