Benefits for Veterans That Might Surprise You

The veterans within the United States are absolutely wonderful people. Often times, these individuals — who fought for the freedoms of millions — often are under-appreciated. There can be difficulties associated with coming back home from duty. Being able to acclimate back into a routine pertaining to societal standards can be very hard. Often times, veterans feel as if they don’t have a lot in the way of help. Fortunately, there are a number of benefits which can help veterans thrive in civilian life. For many, these benefits are essentially kept as a secret.

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Financial Assistance

For many families, finances can be a very stressful ordeal. For a number of reasons, paying a monthly mortgage may ultimately be difficult to handle from a month-to-month basis. Fortunately for veterans, there is a safety net should this occur. Through the Department of Veterans Affairs, veterans are entitled to assistance as it pertains to paying off a home, condo, or property. This includes the possibility of modifying a preexisting loan — or plans put in place to efficiently make payments. Homeless veterans are also eligible for varying benefits when it comes to loans on properties. Duly, veterans are able to receive perks when buying a home. If the VA (Veterans Affairs) has purchased a property which has been foreclosed on, veterans are able to buy the home themselves with a very nice discount. There’s normally a catalog for veterans to sift through when searching for the perfect house.

Educational Perks

Once re-entering the working world, many veterans are left without a profession. Fortunately, the GI Bill opens a ton of possibilities. Aside from receiving money that will go towards a college education, vets can also opt to receive help as it pertains to various trades. These vocational training programs are quite versatile from a career standpoint. Many of these don’t even require a university education. Even more exciting, vets can opt to enter the tech world (software, IT work, coding). The military will aid these veterans when it comes to overall cost.

Death Benefits

Interestingly enough, GI Bill credits that haven’t been fully used may be transitioned over to the family members of veterans. This includes spouses and other sorts of dependents. Additionally, the death of a veteran may be commemorated during the funeral with the placement of the American flag neatly placed over the coffin. Free grave markers/headstones may be provided by the VA — and a Presidential memorial certificate could be included as part of the ceremony as well.

Tangible Support

Caregiver and long-term care is made available to veterans who are physically hindered in any way. When it comes to veterans living in assisted-living situations, themselves and their spouses are entitled to tens of thousands of dollars of support. Duly, aid will be given to the spouse of a deceased vet. The caregiver support program allows for veterans to receive guidance in discussing options and figuring out a plan moving forward.

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