4 Pay-As-You-Go Wireless Plans Worth Checking Out

Cell phone usage across the world has reached a fever pitch. At this point, a mobile phone is a necessary tool for communication — perhaps more so than a landline option. Not only do cellphones act as supreme contact implements, but they also function to do pretty much anything else under the sun. Smartphones in particular are akin to mini computers. Though the bells and whistles of these options are quite exciting, there’s a heavy price to pay. Networks often coerce loyal customers into lengthy contracts.

These in turn can lead to quite an expensive monthly fee. Long-term commitments aren’t always ideal for those wanting to be financially conscious. Those people shouldn’t worry — as multiple wireless plans have been created to avoid long-term commitments. These ‘pay-as-you-go plans’ have begun popping up all over as another solid option.


T-Mobile has long been a fixture within network provider plans. It’s long garnered a reputation for being a quality company. T-Mobile offers prepaid pay-as-you-go plans for as little as $3 a month. For instance, one can send 15 texts — and then will have 15 minutes left for the specific month. Normally, the most basic package will be priced at 10 cents per minute once the 30 minutes/month have been exhausted. All of this information and more can be found on their website, T-mobile.com.


Much like T-Mobile, AT&T is a widely respected brand spanning the vast majority of the United States. It offers network provider plans in a number of ways — including the pay-as-you-go options. As seen on att.com, the AT&T GoPhone Daily Plan normally allows for a rate of $2 per day. The trick is that customers will not be charged if they opt to not use their phone on any given day. No charges will accrue if the phone is left alone. This package also includes unlimited minutes and text messages.

Republic Wireless

Republic Wireless is steadfast in offering no contractual obligations. Customers are afforded the chance to sign up with a number of different monthly plans. Should these plans not be to their liking, Republic Wireless will offer a full refund (within 14 days). Data plans themselves aren’t exorbitantly high — as they start for a paltry $20/month. Within that same token, Republic Wireless prides itself on providing excellent customer service coupled with speedy processing capabilities.

US Mobile

There’s a lot to like about the plans offered by US Mobile. As seen on their site, usmobile.com, the company prides itself on allowing the customers to craft their own plans catered to specific needs. 30-day plans include no hidden fees, no overages, no unexpected bills, and most of all — no contracts. The company essentially enables customers to pay what they think they’ll use. Furthermore, alterations to any plans can change at any give time. When checking the company’s website, one will find a plethora of different options — ranging from custom talk and text plans to rates for data, speed, and unlimited plans.

The need to be tethered to a lengthy phone contract can be mitigated with any of the four options detailed above. Individuals are able to efficiently purchase a pay-as-you-go phone plan centered around functionality and affordability.

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Image Source: Bloomberg/Getty Images, T-Mobile, AT&T, Republic Wireless, US Mobile