Remote Forklift Operator Jobs

Imagine making boatloads of money without having to leave the comfort of your home. Some people would call this assertion completely false. Others would scoff at the idea. However, what if we told you this actually existed in reality? With the pandemic still being prevalent across the world, more people are working from home than ever. This remote style of work has even crept into the technical side of operating heavy machinery.

Fascinatingly enough, there are even remote forklift operator jobs. That’s right — people make money operating forklifts from their homes with the use of a camera and a remote control. This piece will explain how the entire process works, along with the other details.


There are some foreign-based companies using start-ups stateside to foster these projects. There’s even one based in Europe which has a controller in California operating machinery in France. Eventually, you could have controllers here in the United States operating machinery which resides in Europe, Africa, and other parts of the world. In total, upwards of 60 countries may be utilizing these types of workers. This should result in an industry looking to hire quickly.

Essentially, these remote workers are utilizing a control system to move items from one part of a location to another. This could be in a warehouse, a shipping yard, or any specific place where items must be moved. While not all companies are international in nature, some domestic companies also allow workers to reside at home when doing their job.

Requirements If Selected For the Job

Normally, the workers hired for these positions must have a few years’ of experience operating a forklift, or working in a warehouse-like setting. Having a flexible schedule is key — particularly if the operating company is in a different time zone.

Of course, the worker must also be highly responsible. Partnering with the various companies, the remote operator will be essentially controlling large transport vessels on roads where other cars may be present. Utilizing all of the safety measures is of the utmost importance. Being in constant communication with all teams is also immensely significant.

If there’s some sort of pipe or wire issue, the worker must be able to connect with the corresponding team to further execute the mission at hand. Understanding the machinery and its traits — along with the job responsibilities as a whole — is imperative. In short, even if the worker is at home, constant communication must occur.


Salaries may vary based upon where the job is located, and the company is willing to pay. Some salaries on the lower end are roughly around $40,000. On the upper-end of things, workers could receive salaries north of $60,000. These are rough estimates, and not necessarily the most accurate costs for each and every company.

Additionally, workers contracted to these forklift operating companies are generally able to accrue all sorts of insurance (health, dental, vision) along with a 401K, paid vacation, and a retirement plan.

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