The First Signals Of Multiple Myeloma

Multiple myeloma is a type of cancer which negatively impacts a person’s ability to fight off infections. Essentially, this blood cancer has a number of potential symptoms that could arise. The CRAB test is used for multiple myeloma — which includes doctors testing for high levels of calcium in the blood (C), potential renal or kidney issues (R), a low red blood cell count/anemia (A), and also bone pain (B). This could include osteoporosis among other things.

Bone Issues

This type of blood cancer can be especially corrosive to bones and its overall usage. Osteoporosis can be a side-effect of multiple myeloma. Essentially, bones in one’s body can become more and more brittle overtime.

General body pain is a part of this issue. Aside from potential bone fractures, those with multiple myeloma may feel bone pain in the rib cage, hips, back, and other places.

Nervous System Ailments

The nervous system may be impacted rather abruptly when dealing with multiple myeloma. Those dealing with the cancer may feel general weakness or numbness in their body — particularly in their legs. Muscle weakness may follow shortly after. In addition, horrible back pain is also said to be a symptom.

Along with this, stroke-like symptoms (dizziness, general confusion, slurred speech) may be a more severe problem.

Kidney Problems

A blood/urine test will determine if the individual has kidney issues. Essentially, the kidneys won’t be functioning properly based upon the inability to fully filter. Some specific examples of this include shortness of breath, swollen legs, and body weakness (among other things).

Duly, high calcium levels may lead to rampant thirst, dehydration, stomach pain, a loss of appetite, frequent urination, drowsiness, and potentially bad constipation.

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