Peloton Has Revamped How People Work Out at Home

Working out in some form or fashion is integral to one’s health. Even if it means taking a stroll outside for a few minutes, physical activity holds plenty of benefits for both one’s body and their mind. With that said, there are a number of things which can make working out away from home rather difficult.

For one, a monthly gym membership may be a bit pricey. Secondly, there’s also the chance one simply doesn’t have the time to travel to another facility after working a long day of work. Lastly, the pandemic involving COVID-19/coronavirus has made working out at a gym nearly impossible. Government-imposed quarantines also have led to difficulties in even leaving the homes.

Fortunately, there’s one revolutionary company aiming to help those who want to exclusively work out at home. Peloton has introduced a state-of-the-art exercise bike. Duly, the company has also rolled out a rather unique treadmill option.

This piece will look at both, in terms of a price-point as well as the various options made available.

Exercise Bike

Many proclaim the Peloton bike to be the best cardio exercise tool ever built. With a nice monitor stationed on the front of the bike, the user gets a personalized experience — including tools that measure heart rate, speed, distance, and even simulations of riding one’s bike through a number of different environment (such as a forest).

There are four specific types of Peloton bikes from which to choose from. The base model costs $2,245 — though it can be had through a payment plan of approximately $58/month for 39 months. The bike has free home delivery, and a 1-year warranty.

From there, consumers can purchase the essentials package ($2,404), the works package ($2,494) or the family package ($2,694). All of the corresponding deals come with additional features. For example, the family package comes equipped with two pairs of headphones, a pair of biking shoes, weights, two heart monitors, and two water bottles.

However, all four offer the consumer the chance to get a very good workout within the confines of their home.


Along with the bike options, Peloton has come out with their version of a treadmill. However, unlike generic options, this treadmill is elevated to a whole other level.

The treadmill costs $4,295. Despite the cost, one can also orchestrate a pay plan which would knock prices down to $111/month with 0-percent APR financing.

The gigantic screen attached to the machine enables users to access live classes. One can train from home despite having the luxury of working out in front of a trained professional. The 32″ HD screen also includes on-demand programs — which can be accessed at anytime.

The advanced metrics system also tracks one’s progress from start to finish. This includes an analyzing of each specific workout, and also a cluster of workouts over a specific period of time.

Simply put, you’ll have a hard time finding a more advanced workout product than the ones Peloton produces.

Image Source: RetailMeNot