Everything to Know About a Full House Renovation Transformation

Due to the current state of the world, millions across the country have extra time on their hands. When sitting at home, it’s only natural to gauge the condition of one’s home. There’s a good chance many have put off making repairs to their home — whether it be weathered patio furniture, a dated bathroom, or a flimsy kitchen drawer.

This could be the opportunity to do some minor remodeling around the home. This includes the possibility of DIY (do-it-yourself) measures, or even hiring a construction company (depending upon the status of the corona virus in one’s state). Regardless, this piece will look at a number of potential areas around the house that can be improved.

Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen remodeling can be a very costly expenditure. If one’s looking a full remodel, it would be wise to get quotes from multiple companies. By comparing the potential costs, the owner will be more educated in knowing which company to utilize. Duly, one should also research the reputation of the potential renovation crew. Utilizing referrals from friends and family is key. One can also look for online reviews as a mechanism for selecting the ideal renovation team.

However, with the time currently presented to millions at home, simple projects around the house can be tackled. The act of painting walls/ceilings/doors for drawers isn’t too difficult — particularly when they’re all centrally concentrated in one area. A simple splash in color could completely change the look of a kitchen for the better. A modernizing of the area can take place — which would lead to an increase in the overall value of the home.

Painting: Interior vs. Exterior

One could hire a professional crew to paint the interior/exterior of the home. However, why do that when you can just do it yourself? For many, there is plenty of time to dive into this project. Paint can be found at hardware stores across the country. Even despite the stay-at-home orders, these businesses should be deemed as ‘essential.’ Once acquiring paint and rollers, one can dive in full bore with the project.

Though it may seem daunting, it realistically shouldn’t take too long to paint either the interior or the exterior of a home — particularly if it’s just one section. Along with that, this could be a fun activity to unite the family in the wake of this tough period. By purchasing the paint — as well as using in-home manpower — one saves a considerable amount of money.

Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom remodeling can be a bit tricky. There’s a general want to replace tile in a shower. Sometimes, fixtures will need updating — such as the toilet itself, or drawers and its corresponding knobs.

Much like paint, tile and the proper accouterments (grout, putty, tools, etc). can be found at the local hardware store. Even if one hasn’t replaced tile in a shower, there are many resources to use in order to get the job done. YouTube has a number of tutorials which provide a step-by-step process in making one’s bathroom look new and improved. Additionally, there’s plenty of literature and material on the internet which will also aide in replacing title — or even a toilet. While a toilet can be bought at a store, it can also be bought online/delivered from a number of consumer sites.

Backyard/Front yard Improvements

Curb appeal is a real thing. If one’s blessed to have a front yard, the grass ideally will be manicured to perfection. There are little tricks one can also add to improve appearance and value. Artificial rocks can be procured to scatter throughout the front yard as a mean to add texture and contract. Landscaping can also take place — whether it means replacing sod with actual grass — or perhaps patches of synthetic turf.

Similarly to how a bathroom is built, there are plenty of tutorials on social media platforms which aide in improving one’s front yard. The same methods can take place in the backyard as well. One must research thoroughly to find locations of places which cater to grassy areas. Invigorating soils and minerals can be purchased to enhance grass growth.

Image Source: TalkLocal